Sandy Beaches? A National Park? Find Everything You’re Looking for on Norfolk Island

With the advent of mainstream media, finding a picturesque, relaxing area in which to spend your holiday is becoming increasingly difficult. Many of the most beautiful destinations on Earth are no longer pristine and unspoiled, as popular locations such as Hawaii and Cancun are now filled with shops, hotels, and millions of tourists year-round. The inconspicuous exclusivity that we usually strive for on holidays seems to have completely disappeared. As such, our dreams of sipping a cold one on a desolate beach are largely unattainable, especially if you’re trying to find such a place in a populous area.

However, if you have a keen eye for adventure and exclusivity, there are still a few immaculate destinations left in the world, some of which are able to blend tradition and modernity into one wide-ranging experience. If you’re tired of the colourless, vanilla vacations that are thrust upon us by way of constant advertisements and marketing ploys, look no further than a holiday booking on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific Ocean.

How Norfolk Island Came to Be

After being occupied by East Polynesians for hundreds of years, it wasn’t until the end of the 18th century that this island became legitimately populated. From 1788 to 1855, Norfolk Island served as a criminal penal colony for Great Britain. For more than six decades, this island represented the first European settlement in Australia.

Following Great Britain’s departure from the island, the nearby Pitcairn Island inhabitants decided to take up a new home. Approximately 200 settlers arrived on Norfolk Island during the year of 1856, and they proceeded to occupy many of the remaining buildings from the abandoned penal colony. Over the years, the Pitcairn people established traditional farming and whaling industries on the island, effectively creating a new home for themselves.

The humble beginnings of this territory are a far cry from the modern vacation destination it has grown into, although many of the traditional aspects of Norfolk Island have withstood the test of time. So, what can you expect on an excursion to this little-known island?

Holiday on Norfolk Island

From its gorgeous beaches and historically significant museums to the exhilarating bird-watching tours and high-end Norfolk Island restaurants, there is truly something for everyone in this extraordinary location. Whether you wish to go on a glass-floor boat ride or simply relax in your well-appointed cottage, Norfolk Island is a unique destination that is able to blend modernity with traditional relaxation. In staunch contrast to the more ubiquitous vacation destinations of the world, you’ll be able to experience a host of different activities and adventures without having to deal with any of the stressors commonly associated with holidays, especially if you establish a relationship with the right resort company.

Picking the Right Company to Facilitate Your Trip

The internet has blessed us with the ability to eliminate all of our doubts during any form of research, which is especially true when it comes to booking any type of holiday. As you try to find the perfect Norfolk Island holiday agency, it’s important to keep an eye on customer reviews, seasonal promotions, and amenities included. After all, you want your vacation to be pleasurable, affordable, and all-inclusive. Thus, you should scour the internet for the most reputable companies that work closely with the tourism industry on Norfolk Island so that you can experience everything this exclusive destination has to offer.

Ditch the generic trip ideas and head to Norfolk Island for a memorable holiday!