7 Experiences You Cannot Miss In Copenhagen!

Denmark’s capital city has a charm of its own. If you are new to Copenhagen, you should know that the experience here is very different than the rest of Europe. Copenhagen was once a nice, small fishing hamlet in the 11th century, and while things have changed, you are sure to find a corner to enjoy the weather in this commercial center. In this post, let’s talk of a few experiences that are worth considering on a stay here.

  • Take the cycle for a ride. Copenhagen has close to 400 kms of cycling lanes, making it one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the world. The people here are pretty aggressive on these lanes, and most of them encourage the use of bikes, to keep a check on pollution. The good thing is you can easily get rentals in most parts of the city, and yes, it’s a good idea to pay a tad more for a GPS-enabled bike to explore better.

  • Start with the amusement parks. The Danish capital is home to two of the oldest amusement parks in the world – Bakken Amusement Park and Tivoli Garden. The latter is certainly better, but we recommend that you make time for Bakken Amusement Park, which has an old-world charm and is even older than Tivoli Garden.
  • Ditch the hotel. If you are in this city, you cannot really spend time in a hotel. The best ones are anyway expensive, and for your private time, consider one of the short term apartments in Copenhagen holiday. Some of the best properties are located in Østerbro, and you get all the facilities, including health clubs. From penthouses to one-bedroom apartments for honeymooners, the choices are many.
  • Have a lunch at Nyhavn. The historic waterfront area is known for the old buildings that were built in 17th and 18th Nyhavn has some of the most amazing café and restaurants, and while things can be a tad more expensive here, a lunch is highly recommended. From the harbor area, you can opt for canal tours, which is a unique way to explore Copenhagen.
  • Don’t miss the Carlsberg Brewery. A tour of the Carlsberg Brewery will change the way you think of this iconic beer. The interactive sessions are pretty engaging, and the whole architecture of the brewery is picture-perfect to say the least.

  • Go shopping at Strøget. If you don’t mind splurging money on your shopping list, Strøget is where you need to be. Counted among the largest pedestrian malls in the world, Strøget is over one kilometre long, and you can find most of the leading global brands. Get towards the Old City, and local shopping gets better.
  • Visit the Christiansborg Palace. Castles and palaces can be boring, but not this one. The beauty of this palace is worth mentioning, and if you have the time, consider paying a visit to Rosenborg Castle, which has this incredible Danish charm.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and get going!