5 Offbeat Wedding Places In Your City On The Cheap

Weddings can be an expensive affair and finding a dreamy destination for your special day is another big pressure. We can help you find solutions for both your problems while also giving you the perfect idea for a wedding.

Converted Building

Wedding venues are popping all across the country in converted buildings and these spaces can be rented easily. These buildings are former warehouses, Monasteries, Factories, and even aeroplane hangars. These unconventional spaces are like blank canvases that can be transformed to fit almost any theme or aesthetic, not to mention that the addition of flowers and décor creates a beautiful contrast.


Public parks provide some of the prettiest backdrops you’ll find for your feat—not to mention your wedding photos. And while they’re the perfect spot for an intimate, casual wedding, pulling off an affair on a grander scale can be done. Many public spaces require you to apply for a permit ahead of time and will have some restrictions as far as bringing in rentals, sound, equipment, food and drinks. Since you might not be able to set up a tent or book a spot for a long period of time, public parks are typically better suited for your ceremony. As for the rest of your event, research nearby resorts, hotels and restaurants with a view of the spot you love for your reception.

On a Boat

Why not wed on a sailboat, yacht, riverboat or ferry! Your guests will love it, and your photographer will be thankful for the changing backgrounds throughout the day. Remember, marrying on the water doesn’t necessarily mean on the high seas. For example, some historic ships or out-of-commission military vessels are permanently docked but open for weddings with intimacy.

Antique stores

Do you spend your weekends antiquing and your house or apartment is filled with flea market finds, then you might be sold pretty easily on the idea of an antique store wedding. Think about it: All that eclectic décor you’d buy or rent anyway is built right in. Mix and match everything on your tables, from the centrepiece vessels to the chargers and glassware, to fit the laid-back vintage vibe. Add a vintage theme to your wedding and you are going to find yourself, lord of wonderland,

Gardens & orchards

Capture the quintessential, rustic vibe of autumn with a wedding at a gorgeous apple orchard. Often decades, if not centuries, old, these stunning bucolic settings are an ode to nature and homespun details—especially in fall when the leaves boast their fiery hues. And don’t be surprised to find that many orchards offer accommodations as well as wedding-specific amenities.