5 Great Things to Do in Las Vegas When on a Budget

Bagging a great holiday in a once in a lifetime location needn’t be out of the question for all but those able to flash the cash. Rather, it can be done; doing so just involves knowing what to spend, where to spend it and how to get a great deal.

You can, for example save money on flights to provide you and your family or travelling party with more money to spend whilst on holiday by ditching the high street in favour of searching online via the likes of the Globehunters website.

Meanwhile, and once on holiday you can also save a good deal of money by tailoring what you do whilst there to the free and inexpensive attractions in your chosen location, and avoiding travelling too far from your hotel.

Still don’t believe it’s possible to bag a great holiday on a shoestring budget? Here are just 5 great things to do in Las Vegas when on a budget, to prove that even in one of the casino and gambling capitals of the world, you needn’t end up overspending. In fact, the five things to do contained in this lo-down are better than cheap – they’re entirely free!

  1. Let the Lucky Cat Tell Your Fortune

The Cosmopolitan Resort is home to a resident cat. Unlike most resident cats, the one at The Cosmopolitan measures nine feet in height and rather than offering scratches, bites or ‘cat kisses’, deposits fortunes (free of charge) to all those who dare to place their hand within its gargantuan paw.

What is more exciting, the free fortunes given by The Cosmopolitan’s Lucky Cat statue range from words of (so-called) wisdom and fortune cookie proverbs to complimentary drinks and even free accommodation.

Hence, this is one gamble that even when in Las Vegas the worst gambler in the world cannot make a loss on, at least not financially – some of the wordy fortunes the cat gives out might well leave those who step up to shake its hand (or paw, more accurately) somewhat at a loss philosophically speaking.

  1. The Wonderful World of the Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Located ten miles away from The Las Vegas Strip, off Sunset Road and nearby Mount Vista, the only thing sweeter than the products it makes is the fact that the Ethel M Chocolate Factory boasts free entry and tours to all.

Hence, for the delicious price of nothing at all, visitors can learn all about how chocolate is made by literally watching it take shape, as well as enjoying some thrown in free tasters along the way. Meanwhile, those seduced by the process, or just the result, can even opt to create their very own personalised box of ‘candy’.

To learn more about the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and what you can hope to see and get involved in whilst visiting, head over to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory website.

  1. Catch a Free Show

An array of free shows and events take place along and in hotels along the Las Vegas Strip every single day of the year. Hence, rather than highlight just once of these shows (such as the Fall of Atlantis show which always pulls a strong crowd), instead here is a top tip: head over to the Yelp website where you can browse through a whole and almost inclusive list of the free-to-view shows and goings on that take regularly along Las Vegas Boulevard.

  1. The Silverton Hotel Aquarium

As the name implies, The Aquarium can be found at the Silverton Hotel which is only a five minute walk from The Strip and well worth it when at the end of the (extremely short) journey those who make it will be greeted by a 117,000 gallon capacity fish tank brimful with over 5,000 exotic fish as well as sharks and stingrays. And that is without mentioning the rainbow of real coral that also occupy The Aquarium. What is more, visiting The Aquarium is entirely free…and it is open 24/7.

  1. The Bellagio Conservatory

Hands down, the best time of all to visit the Bellagio Conservatory is at Christmas. This is because during the festive period the Bellagio Conservatory is festooned with baubles, tinsel and one of the biggest and most lavishly decked out Christmas trees in the whole of Las Vegas.

That said, the conservatory which is part of the Bellagio Hotel Casino and situated on The Strip, does not fail to impress whatever the season, and not least because it is entirely free to go see. In fact, the conservatory is sumptuously decorated every single season meaning that whether you visit Las Vegas in the spring or fall, summer or winter, you are in for a real treat, and one no doubt the kids will love.

Better yet, being part of the Bellagio Hotel Resort, the conservatory is literally open to visitors twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week meaning that it is the perfect place to head to when having arrived early, in need of a time-filler between shows or simply in the middle of a midnight stroll…which in Las Vegas is not a peculiar thing to do, or see.